Our primary goal is to support doctors, nurses, and AHPs in finding the best opportunities within the NHS and independent hospitals. We are deeply passionate about placing high-caliber healthcare professionals who are committed to delivering the utmost quality of care to our loved ones.

Our Partners

We are proud to partner with esteemed NHS trusts and reputable independent hospitals, collaborating to provide exceptional healthcare staffing solutions. 

Our Partners

We are proud to partner with esteemed NHS trusts and reputable independent hospitals, collaborating to provide exceptional healthcare staffing solutions. Together, we strive to ensure the highest quality of care for patients by connecting them with talented doctors, nurses, and AHPs.

Portal Job

Our user-friendly job portal provides a seamless and efficient platform for healthcare professionals to explore and apply for a wide range of job opportunities within the NHS and independent hospitals. With advanced search filters and personalized job recommendations, finding the perfect match for your skills and preferences has never been easier.

Careers Coaching

Our career coaching services offer personalized guidance and support to healthcare professionals, empowering them to navigate their career paths with confidence and clarity. From resume building to interview preparation, we help unlock your full potential and achieve your professional goals.

Making Dreams And Aspirations Come True

Our career coaching services are dedicated to making dreams and aspirations come true for healthcare professionals. With tailored guidance and strategic planning, we empower individuals to achieve their career goals and fulfill their true potential.

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More Jobs Equal a Better World

At Just Locums, we believe that more jobs equal a better world. By connecting talented individuals with meaningful employment opportunities, we contribute to economic growth, foster social well-being, and create a positive impact on the world. Together, let’s build a better future through job creation and empowerment.

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Latest Job Listing

United Kingdom, Ireland & Worldwide

General Medicine Registrar

The department are hoping to speak to any Doctors who would consider a change in position now.

SHO O&G - August Rotation

We are currently looking for a SHO to work a full rota including long days and nights in O&G.

Highlands Consultant Psychiatry Role

The applicant must have General adult psychiatry background, ideally with an interest in addiction.

I had an incredible experience working with Just Locums. They understood my career aspirations and connected me with the perfect opportunity. Their support throughout the process was exceptional, and I am grateful for the doors they opened for me.

Anggi Registered Nurse

Thanks to the career coaching services provided by Just Locums, I gained valuable insights and guidance that helped me advance my career. Their expertise and personalized approach truly made a difference in my professional journey.

Sarah M. Doctor

    Career Testimonials

    Discover how our services have positively impacted the careers of Nurses & Doctors like Sarah and Mark. Read their experiences and learn how Just Locums can help you achieve your professional goals in the dynamic field of paramedicine.

    More Opportunities For Everyone

    Our mission is to create more opportunities for everyone. We are dedicated to fostering an inclusive and diverse workforce, where individuals from all backgrounds and experiences have equal access to meaningful employment opportunities. By connecting talented professionals with a wide range of job openings, we aim to promote economic growth, empower individuals, and contribute to a more equitable society. Together, let’s unlock the potential in every individual and create a world of abundant opportunities.

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    Leading locum agencies compete for you, offering upfront shift visibility. Enjoy higher rates, reduced travel, and improved rotas with increased choice.

    Personalised to you

    Personalize your locum experience with Just Locums by creating your locum wishlist. Say goodbye to spam and time-wasting, as you'll only receive job matches that perfectly align with your needs. Enjoy a tailored and efficient service designed exclusively for you.

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    Choose from the top-rated, trusted agencies based on real doctor ratings. Work with the best in the field, guaranteed.